What’s up guys? I’m back from my little break as you can tell. I also have some HUGE news! I started a YouTube channel! I just posted a video so,be sure to go check it out and maybe drop a like!. I am also planning to do a Q & A so,if you guys have any questions,please feel free to put them down in the comment section down below! You guys have NO IDEA how nervous I was to create it! Once again,thanks for reading this post and make sure to go subscribe to my channel! My channel- CLICK ME!.    

Anyways,thanks again for taking your precious time to read this!


Would You Rather? Food Edition

Hey.hey,hey! It’s Brooke in the house and today I am going to give you the privilege to play: “Would You Rather?”- Food Edition!  Btw,this is all PG!

Let’s get started!


I hope you liked all of my “hard” work!



Top 25 Things To Do This Summer

Hey! it’s been a while since I posted… *cringe* #procrastinatoratheart Anyways,today I am going to be sharing some fun things to do this summer,just in case you don’t have any ideas. Let’s get started!

  1. make snow cones
  2. go to a concert
  3. have a water balloon fight
  4. go to a water park
  5. try a brand new fashion trend
  6. eat something you absolutely despise
  7. make s’mores
  8. go camping
  9. get over an old fear
  10. write a short story
  11. watch a scary movie
  12. make new friends
  13. go to a local museum
  14. volunteer in your town
  15. make ice-cream
  16. make a fort
  17. read a whole book series
  18. start a tv series and finish it
  19. pull an all nighter
  20. have a sleepover party
  21. visit a state landmark
  22. watch the sunrise 
  23. sleep in your backyard
  24. re-do your bedroom
  25. perform random acts of kindness

Wow! That’s a wrap! I hope you guys enjoyed “25 Things To Do This Summer”! btw,I may be allergic to rice and potatoes so,yeah… byeeeeee!




My mind is blown. I was literally just celebrating 50 followers.

You guys have absolutely NO IDEA how much this means to me. It was such a coincidence that when I got home from my last day of school,I had a notification saying that I had 100 followers! What a great way to start my summer. 

I also,have an idea for a new concept. Blog reviews! All you have to do is drop a comment asking if I can review your blog or a post,and I’ll do it! =) I honestly don’t know why but,I feel like very time I check out a new blog I’m silently judging it. What do you think? By the way,what are some fun summer diy’s?


Again,THANK YOU SOOOOOOOOO much!!!!!!!


ALMOST TO 100?!?!?! 😵

Whatdjsnsjwksbwyshhdhd?!?! Wha..tt?

Does my follow counter say  95?!?!?

Almost 100 followers????

NO! This can’t be happening!

I feel like we were just celebrating at 50!! 😱



😳 wow.

you guys can’t even begin to understand how much this means to me. I started this blog to let off steam and to let my creative juices flow. I had never thought that it would go this far. Can you guys PLEASE help me get to 100????? Just add a little tidbit about my blog,a link at the most. THANK YOU!!!! Woah the caps lock took over! 😬


Describe the days of the week tag

Hello! As you can tell by the title I was nominated to do a “Describe the Days of the Week Tag”. I can already tell that this is going to be super fun so,I’ll get started! Oops! I forgot to tell you that Rebekah@headintheclouds5 nominated me! Thank you!!




Monday is very dark and dreary and can suck all the life out of a room. He has ink black hair,and licorice black eyes. If you were to go to a horror movie,he’d be there. Don’t tick him off or you won’t be able to sleep at night. He especially loves making his teachers annoyed. His usual outfit is a huge black hoodie,ripped jeans,and biker boots.


Tuesday is very optimistic and sunny! She has wavy brown hair and green eyes. You can always count on her to make you smile! But,be careful! She has a really bad habit of procrastinating and making you forget about all of your troubles. Disney movies are her favorite! Her usual outfit is a crop top,shorts,and black and white Converse.


Wednesday can be a bit annoying at times but,is always there when you need him. He is the comedian of your friends and is very outgoing. He can be found in a skate park,or surfing at your local beach. He is a ladies man so,watch out! His usual outfit consists of board shorts and a t-shirt,paired with skater Vans. He has auburn hair and green eyes.


Thursday is obsessed with sports. It doesn’t matter what it is. From biking to tightrope walking,she loves it! She is constantly looking for an adrenaline rush,and will stop at nothing to prove she is a beast. Never play Truth or Dare with her unless,you want to scale a 20 foot brick wall. Her usual outfit is black Adidas track pants,a Nike t-shirt and some tennis shoes. She has blond hair that is usually in a pony-tail,and gray eyes.


Friday is a fashionista. She is probably one of the sassiest and boldest people you have ever met. You can find her at the mall,trying not to max out her credit card. If you are ever in a bad situation,she will be there for you. She has jet black hair and emerald green eyes.  Just try not to get on her bad side or else! Her usual outfits consist of the brands; Prada,Louis Vuitton,Ralph Lauren,Jimmy Choo,and Versace. 


Saturday is the calm,cool,and wise friend. He is forever spouting quotes and writing poetry. He loves sleeping in and making pancakes for breakfast. You can find him at rallies to save the Earth ,or at your local nursery. He’s also a total bookworm. His makeup consists of Harry Potter like glasses,jeans,a “Save the Earth” t-shirt,and eco-friendly flip-flops. Along with that,he has blue eyes and blond waves.


Sunday is very conservative. She often frowns in distaste at girls wearing super short shorts,and shirts that show your stomach. Sometimes she is too serious and a lot of people dislike that. At school she is known as “Nun” because,she is very quiet. But,people on the internet know her as a bright,funny and charismatic person! Who knew she had another side? In real life you can find her wearing an ankle length yellow skirt and a black turtleneck. Her shoes of choice are white Keds. She has brown hair cut in a short bob,and plain brown eyes.


I reallllllllyyyyyyyy hope you liked this post because,I worked SUPER hard on it! I hereby nominate:

  • ALL OF YOU!!!!!
  • I don’t really like when people select only a few,so I picked all of you because,you are all AWESOME!!!!